In the 50's, during the reconstruction following the devastation of World War II, Egidio Montagner wanted to engage himself in the realisation of a heart-felt project: the foundation of his own Winery, in which wines of quality would be produced.

In Motta di Livenza his first steps towards that goal took place, Motta being among the most famous towns for the valuable quality of its wine production and an irresistible restoration point for wine-tasting along the Strada dei Vini del Piave (The Way of the Wines of the Piave river).

The love for his region together with his care in grape processing were the characteristics of Egidio Montagner's choices. In 1968 he finally founded his own Winery, now one of the most prestigious in Motta di Livenza. His sons and then his grandchildren helped in the construction and development of this winery.

The refinement techniques for grape processing and the attention to the new technologies applied to the oenological area have been important for the achievement and success of the wines produced by "Montagner Vini e Spumanti".